Monday, November 12, 2012

Robotic art

I watched a programme on LUXE.TV on an innovative art piece created by a bespoke robot. The robot is equipped with sensors linked to a piece of bed. It is programmed to read dreams and interpret the dreams into works of art.

A subject sleeps on the bed filled with sensors measuring body temperature, body movements, heart beat and brain detectors...

Once the robot is being fed with the data from the sensors, it will analyse these data and practically paints an abstract art with rich colours depicting the dreams. Fantastic!

It is an example of a creative invention integrating technology and the arts - futuristic arts.

I would like you to watch LUXE.TV to watch novel and creative works - fashions,  cars, architecture, food, machines etc to get the latest on ideas. The result of ideation. What is ideation?

What are various creative ideas?  Remember ideation is the initial phase of innovation continuum. Do not confuse invention and innovation.

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