Monday, November 12, 2012

Viral explosion

I would like my students to get hold of the book by Peggy McColl entitled "Viral Explosion" published in Malaysia by Advantage Quest Sdn Bhd in 2010.

So what is viral explosion?

It is, according to Peggy " an extremely rapid spread of information via the internet that yields extraordinary results" (page 17).

Viral explosion is a phenomenon for whatever reasons something diffused via the internet, more so on social media suddenly attracts attention in a very rapid way. A case in point is Psy's Oppa Gangnan Style video in the Youtube being viewed 700 million times over a short period of around 3 months since its release. It is in fact an example of an Internet success. This video just won a top award in the techno musical category. Crazy isn't it ?

Viral explosion is much faster than viral marketing (marketing on the Internet that spreads a message rapidly). Why?

The measurement of the speed of messages reaching the audience via the social media depends on many things. Among them are the quickest time achieved when messages on products and services reach the "tipping point". Of course the speed of the broadband and the capacity of thr equipments matter. The advent of the mobile gadgets and apps facilitates the speed.

Branding nowadays  plays an important role in attracting customers in this new era of marketing. I hope you go through Peggy's book to understand more on viral explosion.

Can anyone out there explain why Park-Jee sang is phenomenal? Does he understand the power of viral explosion when he created the Gangnam dance? Or by sheer accidence? But viral explosion is going to happen everywhere and everytime with the Z generation coming into the market place.


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