Monday, February 18, 2013

Welcome back

Welcome back to the school to all my students. I am sure you must have enjoyed yourselves over the long holidays. I think we have too many holidays compared to most advanced and developed countries. I know for sure in the UK (I used to live there for a cumulative period of 10 years) where holidays are comparatively few. As such you have more productive time over each year. If you want to celebrate your own religous or cultural festivals like hari raya or CNY or deevali, you take leaves (i.e.,if you work) or ask permission from your lecturers to celebrate. Except, of course the Xmas, boxing day and some bank holidays as determined by the country. When you go for the holidays here and you come back to classes, you seem to be out of touch. Worst still, you came out with all sorts of reason for not completing your assignments. I am sad. Remember this, I feel terribly sad I I were to fail people or give low grades to some assignments. But you must accept it with an open mind and heart for you and only you know why? Sesetengah assignments dibuat macam lepas tangan sahaja. Yang teruk ada yang hanya cut and paste. Ini plagiarism!!! Sedarlah anak anakku sekelian. Buatlah yang terbaik. Jangan malas malas. Katakanlah yang abah silap. Walaupun abah akan pergi namun abah akan tetap ingin tahu prestasi kalian. Be the best. Work hard, very hard and smart. Jangan hampakan prrmintaan terakhir abah mu ini...

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