Wednesday, February 20, 2013

To innovation management students -take home test

I will be meeting Datuk Seri Dr Kamal Jit Singh on Tuesday next week. A lot to learn from him. I will try to get him talk to you. Meanwhile, start doing a take home test on " explain briefly on the phases of innovation continuum". Explain more on various types of ideas and the concept of diffusion and creative destruction. 4 equivalent A4 size papers are enough for your answer. This time you have to print and bind your answer and submit it to me during the classes before 15 March. If you submit earlier than 10 March, you will be rewarded with bonus marks. After this there will be no more assignments and tests. Jangan tunggu hingga minit terakhir. Jangan plagiat, cut and paste etc. Use your own words and give proper references. To all the business ethics students, you too will have to do the same. I will decide on the question by tomorrow. Do your best, your very best. Abah

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