Monday, February 25, 2013

My meeting with Dato' Seri Dr Kamal Jit Singh

Today I am fortunate to have met Dato' Seri Kamal Jit Singh, CEO of UNIK under Agensi Inovasi Malaysia or AIM. This agency is within the Prime Minister's Department. We had quite a long discussion on various aspects of innovation. There are many things that I am not aware of. For example the GENOVASI programme has been implemented for a month now. The first 100 ambassadors were appointed to follow courses on innovation by both local and foreign experts who are from the USA, England and Germany. More ambassadors will be selected and appointed over the next few years. I asked Dato' Seri to consider UniKL Business Schools' graduates to join the programme which he said he will be willing to give a special consideration. So to all my students, especially, work hard and learn more on innovation on your own initiative. This will help you in your interviews when the time comes. The other programme is the I Think. Thousands of teachers and school childred are now being trained to think critically and creatively. The results are remarkable. Students have shown to be versatile in idea generation and are able to think critically. I invited Dato' Seri to come over to UniKL BIS to meet up with you and deliver a talk. He agrees. And I have to arrange for a suitable time. If it is in April, then I will have to do it in ASWARA. You can go over there to meet up with him My intention is to make innovation management as a compulsory subject for all students of ASWARA. He encourages me to do that and is willing to contribute to such a programme, more so on innovation in the creative industry. Abah

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