Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Assignment 2

For assignment number 2 (10%) you are required to select a topic of your interest (on the management of innovation for the students following the course or business ethics and corporate governance for those following this course).

You will have to create a question out of the topic that you choose and answer it. Do not answer more than 2 pages. Having done that you then upload your assignment in your own blog.

For example you may well choose diffusion as a topic. Your question could be something like this: "As part of the innovation continuum, diffusion is very important in spreading and marketing an invention to add value to it. Why?"

Start by defining diffusion...


A topic on ethics like hedonism. "Briefly explain on the secular moral concept of hedosism"

Email to me stating that you have completed your assignment after you have uploaded it. You  must submit your assignment via your blog before the end of the sixth (6) week.

Good luck.

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