Saturday, November 17, 2012


To all my students
I have given you enough hints for your exams. What you have to do is to be critical in your answers.I need logical and creative answers and nor mere pouring of informatiom. Please discuss the most likely topics in groups. You cannot answer well if you study alone.

If you just pour back the points I indicated you would not get an A. At best you deserve only a B. Your answers must be accompanied with examples and your own opinions.

Macam saya kata, jangan buang masa nak ingat points, just belasah saja. I value your critical opinions. Jika tak bersetuju dengan points yang diberikan lagi bagus. Tetapi berilah jawapan yang logik.

I know most of you can do well. I am going to be very strict in my marking.

The exams are where the marks drop!!

Good luck

Pak Din

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