Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Your Blogs and Viral Marketing.

Please develop and update your blogs by incorporating unique  products and services to be marketed. Include your choice of payment gateways. Be careful in your choice. If not just adopt the conventional method of payment as a start.

You may want to add other products and services to spice up your blog.

Your presentation must be attractive. Not necessarily complicated. But be creative. Make known your blogs via emails to your friends. Make use of the social media that you are a member of to announce your blogs. Facebook and LinkedIn are good platforms for this.

Remember there are around 25000 students and staff of UniKL that you can contact. And more than 8 million cooperators (ahli koperasi) in Malaysia and many millions of cooperators in Indonesia to be outreached. I will help you to do this, provided you have good blogs and unique products and services to be diffused.

Find out about viral marketing and viral explosions. Is Oppa Gangnam style by Psy an example of viral explosion. Why?

How can your blogs reach tipping points?

Do you understand the importance of the long tail theory by Chris Anderson? If you do how can you use it in marketing your products and services to your fellow Y Gen and the Z Gen?

I am watching your blogs and so are my friends all over the world.

Do your best. Don't let me down.

Pak Din

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