Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Dear Students
I am very proud of you. Those of you who have contributed selflessly to help make the conference a success. Without your cooperation and passion to help the school in particular, I bet we could have faced lots of hiccups in running the event. Well, tomorrow is another day to be reckoned with. I am confident, based on your enthisiasm and voluntary spirit, you will be puting up a similar show as of today to ensure the smooth running of this very important event.

You surely must have gained some experience in being part of this event. You too must have gained some knowledge after listening to the world renowned speakers on entrepreneurship. Take note that we will discuss the out omes of this event during the classes to come.

We will delibarate on white  wave strategy, philanthropic entrapreneurship, disinnovation, etc. - those buzz words introduced by the speakers.

Many thanks

Pak Din

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