Saturday, April 27, 2013


Thank you so much for your kind attention and passion while attending my lectures. I am sorry if, during those lectures I have offended you or unintentionally misinformed you. I want you to do your best, not only in my subjects, but in your study as a whole as well. I love you all like my own children. BE THE BEST! Some tips: For the Innovation Management subject, concentrate on 1. The types of IP [Intellectual Property] practised in Malaysia [including geographical indications] and why IP is important in the innovation continuum? 2. On diffusion: theory by Everett Rogers; categories of adopters [include the graph];and the key elements in diffusion like invention [innovation?], communication channels,time, rate of adoption, social system and mechanism. The rest, please ask Prof Sulaiman. You may want to concentrate on NPD and generally why Malaysia has to be innovative? For the Business Ethics: concentrate on Crane and Matten - chapters 2, 4 and 7...what is business ethics and why it is important; normative and metaethics ethics; ethical decision making; corporate governance and CSR; how to manage employees ethically.... All the best. Come and see me at ASWARA. I am there for you... Abah

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