Saturday, November 10, 2012

Make money online by blogging

Alan Tan's book on how to make money online by blogging inspires me.a lot. I would like to encourage you to get hold of this book published by TrueWealth Sdn Bhd (2012) and read it from cover to cover!

I have been stressing on blogs as a media to do business online as a start. And I made it compulsory for my students both in the digital commerce and innovation management to develop their own blogs and sell something. Some have done well. I am happy about it. Others have yet to beef up theirs. My tutor Mr Hooman Abadi has gone through practically all the blogs (196 of them) and anakysed them. He spents hours to do that. We must thank him for his patience and passion to visit and make comments on the blogs.

By the way I picked up certain salient points after reading through Mr Alan Tan's book:

First, he quoted our PM's comment on the utilisation of the social media, bogs included as follows : "I encourage you to utilise the Internet and broadband not just for social interaction but also to enhance your economic activities by carrying out online business"

Why blogging is a good way to generate extra income online? (see pages 6&7)

1. It does not require a big initial capital startup
2. No office rental is required.
3. No employees are required.
4. You can do it part time.
5. You save a lot of money on travelling and meeting customers
6.  No one will control your time.
7. You can promote unlimited products as you wish without having to keep physical stocks
8. It works for you 24hours a day, 7 days a week...
9. It is recession proof as blogging is not affected by economic climate...

Treat blogging as a business....(page 8)

Besides the by google, Alan encourages his readers to try out WordPress and he guides you on how to blog via this.

Why don't you give a try?

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Alan's interviews with a number of  successful bloggers

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