Thursday, November 8, 2012

Do you like my singing?

I do not sing very well but enough to entertain. I do not have a good voice but I render my songs from my heart.

I like music. Yes, I did play music in my younger daya. Not a terribly good musician though, but good enough to pluck the guitar. I come from the generation of musicians. My late grandfather, Mr PM Ibrahim, an English Teacher at Sultan Abd Hamid College and the first headmaster of Derma English School, played the clarinet. My late father was an accomplished violinist with the Derga Orchestra in the 1940s. He taught me how to play the violin but I was more interested in the guitar. And so I spent time learning to be a guitarist and with my own group played all over Kedah during the pop ye ye era. The late Zubir Ali was our leading singer then.

I cherished the rare experience of accompanying the late Tan Sri P. Ramlee and the late Puan Sri Saloma when they performed in Alor Setar sometime in 1969. Hey I must be quite good to have done that, I guess.

And the generation of musicians goes on. Now that my son, Rusydan is a guitarist and an audio engineer. He is a lecturer at ASWARA. My first cousin, MZ is an accomplished pianist and now performing in Langkawi.

Why didn't I study music then ? Lost opportunity I guess. If I had my way I should have studied music. But I chose architecture instead as during those  days, musicians didn't earn much.

Music is in my blood. I am picking up the pieces again. Plucking my guitar whenever I have the time. I hope to follow professional courses as I am quite free now. I want to be a violinist in honour of my late father, Pak Noq.

Do you like my singing? I have been singing at events organised by the business school. Singing my own songs that I composed in the classes as a form of portraying my feelings. Full of advice and motivation if you were to realise that.

Well, I am being asked again to perform on this coming Saturday at the City Campus during the Dean's List ceremony. Sure. I will be glad to do that, that is if you are patient enough to listen to this old man crooning. Well it could be my last performance at UniKL. So come and listen to my renderings of My Way , Selamat Tinggal, Seroja with Amran ...

Come and see me performing.

Pak Din

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