Sunday, October 14, 2012

Update your blogs

Dear students

You have to update your blogs. Most of you seem to be satisfied with whatever you have done, probably just to satisfy the requirements of your assignments. You tend to forget thae real objective of having to develop your blogs.

I have been repeating many times that the purpose of developing your blogs among others is to start an entrapreneurship trail. Pursue an online business right away and consistently improve your presentation to attract potential customers. Make your blogs known to others through your emails, facebooks, twitters, sms etc.

Visit examples of successful online business platforms like and Get ideas from these platforms.

Not bad for those of you who have done something on your blogs. However, it makes me really sad to note that there are still those among you who have not even started. These people could not be bothered. They deserve to fail and I am serious about it.

Very very sad indeed. Despite all the help and motivation that I have given, there are still people who do not care. I am not tolerant anymore. They choose to fail. Do not blame me anymore.

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