Friday, October 5, 2012

Peluang menjadi trainer

Dear students
I am visiting your blogs. So far only very few are creative enough to attract my attention. One example is

Whatever you portray in your blogs reflects you.  Your passion. Your attitude etc.

Pak Din is looking for students to be trained as trainers in entrepreneurship and green technology. Insyaallah me and my business partners will be awarded a contract to train a few thousand people all over Malaysia beginning next year. You could be one of those selected.

Those who produces creative and attractive blogs will be given the priority to be trainers.

Another criteria is your  positive response to my instructions. Those who sent in their asignments early will be considered favourably.

The allowance is attractive. Please do not lobby me. I will choose you.

So. Keep on improving your blogs. Do not forget to inform your relatives and friends about your blogs. Use the social media like fb , tweeters etc. And do not forget the power of emails and sms. I am bringing back Dr Jamal to talk to you on the mass sms system - personalised sms. For a fee of RM400 you can send to about 4,000 receipients or target customers or prospects asking them to visit your blogs and view your products. Social media can help your marketing go viral.

Aim for a viral explosion. Read rhe book that I recommended in the class. You will be inspired.

I do all these things - asking you to do online business and the take home test innovatively for your own good. Make you think out of the box.. For your future. Do not wait. Your online business starts now!!!

Pak Din loves you all

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