Friday, September 14, 2012


I came across a book on "Make Money Online By Blogging" by Alan Tan (2012) published byTrueWealth Sdn Bhd. I bought the book at MPH. At RM39.90, I guess it is reasonable. You may well get it cheaper somewhere else.

I recommend that you get one yourself and read through to get useful ideas on how to blog and make some money as you go. Anyway my students are instructed to create their own blogs to market something. To them I advise to go through the book and follow the tips given by Alan.

In the book Alan interviewed a number of personalities who blog and make money. Among them is Alvin Phang who made RM2.5million via his blog serving around 19,000 readers. His blog is ranked the top out of 2,500 small business blogs in the world.

Read the book and come back to the class to share ideas.

Good luck.

Pak Din

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