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14 December 2009

Sustainable Building Materials: Ferrocement-Clay Roof Tiles”
A paper presented at the International Conference on Building Science and Engineering [ICON-BSE 2009] organized by Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia, Universitas Gajah Mada Indonesia, Universitas Diponegoro Indonesia, UiTM and K-Utech Sdn Bhd, held on 14-15 December 2009 at Johor Bharu, Malaysia. Co-author.

12 October 2009

“Carbon Neutral Buildings – A Critical Overview”. A paper presented at the 1st Regional Symposium on Sustainable Construction Materials and Building System (SUCOMBS) 2009 “Towards a Green Future in the Construction Industry.” 12 October 2009 (Monday), Midvalley Boulevard Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

1 March 2009

“Kepanasan Global dan Pembangunan Lestari Alam Bina” [Global Warming and Sustainable Built Environment] A book written with Nazarudin Yussof and Khairul Nizar to be published by UniMAP. Completed 1st draft.

February 2009

“An Introduction to Environmental Engineering”. A book published by Universiti Malaysia Perlis. Co-author.

21 January 2009

“ Project Initiation”. Proceeding at the Certified Construction Project Manager Workshop organized by UniMAP and CIDB Malaysia at Kangar, Perlis.

10-12 December 2008

“Towards Sustainable Development: Design for Open and Concealed Drainage Systems in a Settlement”. Poster presentation at the Eight International Conference on Eco Balance, Tokyo International Exhibition Center, Tokyo Japan. Co-author.

10 July 2008
“The Policy and Objectives of Safety, Health and Environment in the Construction Industry”. Proceeding at the Certified Construction Project Manager Workshop organized by UniMAP and CIDB Malaysia at Kangar, Perlis.

July 2008
“Municipal Solid Waste Management in Johor Bahru – Problems and Solutions: Carrying Capacity”. Co-author. Accepted for publication in the Journal of Waste Management..

June 2008
“Rice Straw – Phenol Formaldehyde Particle Board for Sound Reduction Capability”. Co-author. Sent for publication in the Journal of Industrial Crops.

May 2008
“Proposed Bachelor of Development Management in Construction Project Management Course at the College of Governmental and Social Sciences Studies [COLGIS], the Northern University of Malaysia or Universiti Utara Malaysia”. A paper presented to the Dean and the faculty of COLGIS.

December 2007
“The Certificate of Completion and Compliance” – A Doctrine on Self-Certification in Malaysia” – an article published in the Journal of Building Appraisal, Pelgrave: Vol 4 Number 2 Summer 2008, pp 125-131 . ISSN: 1742-8262

Since January 2008
Writing a book on “ Sustainable Construction” - to be completed in June 2011
Since August 2007
Writing a book on “The Malaysian Building Regulations and Control” – to be completed by December 2010.

December 2006
“ An Overview on Marketing”, an article in the first issue of the “Environ” published by the School of Environmental Engineering, UniMAP, Malaysia.

20 October 2005
“The Certificate of Completion and Compliance: Complementing Self-Certification with Private-Certification”. Proceeding at The National Property & Housing Conference 2005 organised by ASLI at Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel, Selangor.

5 October 2005
“Affirmative Action By the Malaysian Government in the Development of Housing” A paper presented at the ISM-RICS Workshop, ISM HQ, P.J.

21 June 2005
“ Security needs in the design of buildings” Proceeding at the Institute of Surveyors 7th Congress 2005, Subang Jaya. Co-authored with Lt Colonel Mohd Amin Mohd Din FISM.

July 2004
“ A Proposal on the Establishment of the Institute of Construction Technology, Universiti Kuala Lumpur” First Draft. The project was abandoned due to financial constraint.

September 2003

“ Tenaga Angin” [Wind Energy], Bina Malaysia, September Issue.

August 2003

“Dari Kota London” (From the City of London), Bina Malaysia, August Issue

March 2000

“Certificate in Construction Business” modules for Restu College and CIDB Malaysia “

October 1999

“The Development of the Construction Industry in Malaysia” a joint paper with Sariah Abd. Karib presented at the 5th ASIACONSTRUCT Conference, Singapore, 5-7 October 1999.

1 September 1999

“The Construction Industry Towards Global Competitiveness “ – a paper presented at the International Construction Week and MALBEX ’99, The MINES, Kuala Lumpur.

10 April 1999

“ How can the construction industry recover?” – a paper presented at the Economic and Financial Recovery for South-East Asia Seminar, Kuala Lumpur organized by the College of Estate Management, U.K.


“A Conceptual Framework for the Integration of Security Systems in the Designs of Dedicated Buildings like airport Passenger Terminals”. A paper presented at a seminar on “Building Design and Construction Innovative Technologies and New Techniques”, jointly organised by the School of Housing, Building and Planning, Universiti Sains Malaysia and ATS Group of Companies, Singapore at USM, Penang on 29 July, 1995.


“Penempatan Bersepadu Luar Bandar (Intergrated Rural Settlements)”in “ Isu-isu Terpilih dalam Perumahan, Bangunan dan Perancangan (Selected issues on Housing, Building and Planning), Ibrahim Wahab (ed.), Penang, School of HBP, USM, pp 74-79.


“ Post Graduate Research Techniques and Presentations- Certain Salient Points”. A paper presented at a seminar on “Post-Graduate Training in the United Kingdom” organised by the Malaysian Students Department at Cardiff, Wales on 2 July, 1995.


“Analyses and Findings of the Response of the U.K. airport Managers and Airport Security Managers to the Questionnaire on Passive Security Systems at Selected Passenger Terminals”. A paper presented at the Annual Post-Graduate research Seminar organised by the Welsh School of Architecture, University of Wales, Cardiff on 21 November, 1993.


“Teknik-teknik Pendahuluan dan Rangkaian Anak Panah” a translation of Robert B. Harris’s “ Precedence and Arrow Networking Techniques”. This 405-page book was translated with Alexander Natusch and published by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. Kuala Lumpur.


“Affordable Housing for the Low Income Group in Malaysia”. A paper prepared with Ibrahim Wahab at a Conference on Low Cost Housing organised by the School of Housing, Building and Planning, Universiti Sains Malaysia in collaboration with the Ministry of Housing and Local Government, the Welsh School of Architecture, University of Wales and the British Building Research Establishment at USM, Penang on 9 and 10 December, 1991.


“Laporan Kajiselidik Disediakan Untuk Suruhanjaya Di Raja Untuk Menyiasat Kebakaran Di Sekolah-Sekolah Agama Rakyat Di Semenanjung Malaysia (The Survey Report for The Royal Commission to Investigate The Incidents of Fire at a Number of Private Religious Schools in Peninsular Malaysia ). A report prepared with a number of researchers from Universiti Sains Malaysia and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia on behalf of the Royal Commission.


“Pemeliharaan – Satu Strategi Ke Arah Pembangunan Setempat Pada Abad Ke 21 (Conservation – A Strategy Towards Localised Development in the 21st Century)”. A paper presented with Julaihi Wahid at a conference on “ Population and Development Orientations Towards the 21st Century” organised by Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Sabah on 10 AND 11 December, 1990.


“Sistem Maklumat Untuk Perancangan Perumahan (Information System for Housing Programming)”. A paper presented with Ibrahim Wahab at a conference on “ Ke Arah Pembentukan Rangkaian Sistem Maklumat Perumahan Negara”, Kuala Lumpur.


“An Investigation into the Possibility of Improving Planning Guidelines and Building Requirements in Sarawak - The Planned Unit Development Approach”. A paper presented with Julaihi Wahid at a seminar on “Housing Towards the Year 2000” at Kuching, Sarawak on 20 September, 1989.


“The State of the Art of Ceramic Building Products”. A keynote address at “The Technical Seminar of Ceramic Building Materials” organised by the Federation of Ceramic Products Manufacturers of Malaysia, at Penang on 13 June, 1989.


“An Integrated and Multi-Disciplinary Approach in Housing Building and Planning for Manpower Needs in Malaysia”. A paper presented at an International Workshop of W60 Commission (C.I.B), at Lisbon, Portugal, on 14 February, 1989.


“A Multidisciplinary and Inter-Disciplinary Approach in an Integrated Architectural Education”. A paper presented at a seminar on “Architectural Education: Past, Present and Future” organised by Universiti Sains Malaysia in collaboration with the Malaysian Institute of Architects at the KOMTAR, Penang on 27 January, 1989.


“Creative Thinking – A Problem Solving Approach”. A paper presented at a seminar on “Tomorrow’s Think Tank Today” jointly organised by Universiti Sains Malaysia and The British Council at USM, Penang on 5 October, 1987


“Sistem Pengurusan di dalam Industri Pembangunan Hartanah (The Management System in the Property Development Industry)”. An article in PERANTARA USM, October 1987.


“ Communication on Building Sites in Malaysia”. A paper presented at “Malaysia-Australia Social Science Association Colloquium at Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang on 29 June 1987.


“An Investigation Into The Nature Of And Barriers To Feedback In Communication On Building Sites in Scotland”. A paper presented with Professor V.B. Torrance, Head of the Department of Building, Heriot-Watt University at the CIB Conference, Oslo, Norway on 21 April, 1980.


16 Nov 1980 – 13 December 1980

Reserved Officers Training Session at the PLAW, Ipoh Perak organized by the Malaysian Armed Forces. Commissioned as a Captain.

22 -24 June 1987

Attended a Workshop on Academic Management at UUM [the Northern University of Malaysia] at Jitra Kedah organized by the Ministry of Education.

26-27 June 1991

Attended the 1st International Conference on Asia-Pacific Construction Law organized by Universiti Teknologi Malaysia [UTM], Kuala Lumpur

3 September 1999

Attended a seminar on Alternative Dispute Resolution Techniques in Preventing and Resolving Construction Disputes organized by Construction Industry Development Board [CIDB] Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

12 – 14 Nov 1999

Attended the Construction Industry Development Board [CIDB] Malaysia senior staff training workshop at Bukit Tinggi, Pahang, Malaysia

4-7 February 2007

Attended the 2007 Asia-Pacific Quality Network Conference at PWTC Kuala Lumpur organized by the Asia –Pacific Quality Network [APQN] and LAN [Malaysia Accreditation Board]

15-16 June 2007

Attended an ISO 9001:2000 training workshop organized by UniMAP and TOMC Consultancy Services Malaysia at Kangar, Perlis Malaysia

11-13 October 2007

Attended the University Strategic Planning Workshop organized by UniMAP at the Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia.

24 January 2008

Attended a seminar on “Recycling of Construction Wastes for Sustainable Development” organized by the UPM and Construction Industry Development Board [CIDB] Malaysia at the Legend, Kuala Lumpur

10-14 April 2008

Attended a training workshop on entrepreneurship management by Professor Frederick Howard of UNITECT NZ, organized by UniMAP at Kangar Perlis.

5-6 June 2008

Attended a workshop on “Balanced Score Card” organized by UniMAP’s Corporate Development Unit.

15-16 December 2008
Attended a course on “Fast Track to Total Quality Management” organized by SIRIM Bhd at Langkawai, Kedah Malaysia.

25-28 December 2008

Attended “Kursus Bina Negara [a course on nation building] organized by BTN, the Prime Minister Department and UniMAP at Kundasang, Sabah Malaysia.

19 April 2009

Attended a seminar on “Trade and Investment Mission to Europe” organized by MITTI and the Malaysian High Commission for the United Kingdom at Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, London.

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