Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Top 30 Universities in the UK

I came across the league table by the Sunday Times [U.K.] dated 21.9.2008 listing down 120 universities in the United Kingdom. You can view it on timesonline.co.uk/universityguide.

I pick up the top 30 universities for your reference:

1. University of Cambridge
2. University of Oxford
3. Imperial College London
4. London School of Economics
5. Unversity of St Andrews
6. University College London
7. University of Warwick
8. Durham University
9. University of York
10.University of Bath
11.Loughborough University
12. University of Southampton
13. University of Nottingham
14.University of Exeter
15.University of Edinburgh
16.University of Bristol
17.King's College London
18.University of leicester
19.University of Sheffiels
20.Lancaster University
21.University of Manchester
22.University of Sussex
23. Newcastle University
24=university of Birmingham
24=Cardiff University [I read for my PhD in architecture at this university. Its Welsh School of Architecture was within the top 5 institutions offering architecture in the UK. In fact while I was there from 1992-mid 1995 it was ranked 3rd just behind Cambridge and Sheffield. Not bad eh!]
26. University of Leeds
27. University of East Anglia
28. Royal Holloway London
29. Aston University Birmingham
30. University of Liverpool

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